ShineX: Tokenizing Climate Impact

A climate finance protocol on a trusted, traceable, public ledger for sustainability based assets, loans, bonds, tokens.

ShineX: Tokenizing Climate Impact ShineX: Tokenizing Climate Impact


Nodes Available

Aug 00st

Carbon Offset (Coming soon)

Aug 00st

SDG Impact (Coming soon)


The Blockchain itself will be green. All nodes have to publish sustainability reports showcasing that they are net-zero.

Sidechains will be made available for limited public blockchain usage and increased private and permissioned Blockchain usage.

SDKs will be provided to developers to integrate sustainability data, reports, carbon credits into any application.

APIs will be provided for reporting, integrating Carbon credits, and other use cases.

Initial stakers will get airdropped tokens

PoS Blockchain

Based on the Polygon Edge and Cosmos protocols

Initially interoperable with Ethereum

Blockchain details

Percentage of every tx as gas the proposal is to keep this as standard – 0.01USD. This eliminates variance and allows developers and businesses to focus on their core sustainability based products.

Growth of the network results in increased value being locked in each Token.  

Partners & Blockchain Validators